Why what we cook for you matters...

Our goal is to feed our guests at the deli the same way that we would feed our guests at our home.  

Transparency in what we serve is very important to us!  
It is your right and we are more than happy to share this information with you.

We have looked high and low and it had taken us years to source the BEST ingredients that we can find to make the food that we make for you.  

* All of our dressings and suaces are house-made

*Our Ham is uncured, antibiotic-free, MSG and growth hormone free!

*Our Turkey is carrageenan free, antibiotic free and MSG free!

*Our Uncured bacon is cooked in house and contains only pork belly, water, salt, sugar and celery juice.  That's it!

*Our chicken is all natural and cooked here, in house!

* We only use Organic Eggs in our baked goods!

*Our Fair Trade Organic Coffee is is roasted less than a mile from our shop!  Our flavors are added just before we brew each pot using organic rice hulls and natural flavors, not with chemicals like propylene glycol.

*Our Decaf coffee if decaffeinated using water, not chemical solvents.

*We only use Cabot cheddar cheese and butter that are GMO free.

*Our Potato chips are GMO Free.

*Our homemade Brewed Iced teas are made with Numi Organic Tea.


Saco Island Deli
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